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Sober Companions in Nashville, TN

Whether you have recently sought support for an addiction or you’re assisting a loved one who has, you may ask yourself, “What is a sober coach?”. According to Wikipedia, a sober coach, who is also sometimes called a sober companion, is one who “[provides] one-on-one assistance to newly recovering individuals from addiction.” After addiction treatment, it can be beneficial to have continued assistance and understanding. A sober coach can provide valuable support and insight during this vulnerable time.


A Sober Companion: An Answer to Your Questions

Once you’ve learned the answer to “What is a sober coach?” you will also likely have many other questions as you navigate the outside world with your refreshed perspective. For example, you may want to know if you should spend time with certain people who acted as enablers, or you may wonder how to employ certain strategies when you’re feeling a temptation. This coach can help guide you into finding the right answers and making the best decisions. Additionally, the coach will assist in providing a wealth of other tools and means of support.


Listening to Your Concerns

Whether you feel as though no one will listen to you or you don’t want to talk about these personal issues with relatives and friends right now, the coach is there to offer a space to speak and a person with whom to talk. During these conversations, you may find that you’re doing most of the talking and that the coach is listening to what you have to say. In some cases, feedback and guidance are not required; you simply want the chance to speak. You may find valuable insight into how to best approach talking to loved ones by consulting your sober coach.


Providing a Social Bond

During your time in treatment, you likely learned how important forming a community is. Once you leave the safety of that community, however, you may feel as though you just want to be with yourself. Addiction is difficult, and it can be particularly difficult when you feel as though you’re facing the situation alone. In the event that you have a coach, you know that you have at least one strong bond on which to rely. In fact, your connection with this coach may remind you that you can actually trust other people again.


Offering Suggestions

While you don’t necessarily want to feel as though every action you take and word that you speak are under scrutiny, you do want feedback as to whether or not you are navigating the world in ways that fall in line with your recovery plan.

Having a coach can help you to better self-evaluate. Your coach may not necessarily say what you did wrong and what you did right. Instead, these sessions may very well provide you with the tools necessary to come to your own conclusions about the decisions that you made. You could learn that you must better implement certain strategies, or you may discover that your current implementation of specific techniques could be applied to even more areas of your life.


Noting Your Triggers

Your time in treatment likely taught you about triggers. You may even have spent a great deal of time discussing your triggers and ways to handle them. However, when you’re in the space of an addiction treatment center, you may not have exposure to all of your triggers. Therefore, you could forget that they exist, or you might not even recognize that these people, places or situations are triggers for you. Once you are back in your regular routine, however, your companion can help you to better identify what experiences trigger you to want to engage in drug or alcohol abuse.

Once the main portion of your treatment program has ended, you will likely feel a greater sense of motivation and confidence than you did before you entered the program. As a result, you may initially shun the idea of a coach or a companion guiding you any further. Keep in mind that you’ll face new challenges once you’re out of the facility, and a coach can seriously help you.

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