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Setting Up An Intervention

When intervening is done right, it can be quite effective, which is one reason many people stage one. The act of intervention is an act of love and care, but it has to be done right, which is what the following tips will help you do. 

Choose an Intervention Team

One important step to take right now is to choose the team you’ll be working with wisely. These people cannot have a bad or poor relationship with the person in need. At the moment, you have to focus on choosing people who will bring something positive to this moment. If you choose someone who has unresolved issues, you could end up creating an uncomfortable situation where someone might say something hurtful, and that might be counter-intuitive. 

Choose an Appropriate Time

Choose the right time to have this friend and/or family intervention. For example, it’s probably not a great idea to set up this important date on a day you know your loved one might be under the influence. The reality is a person who is even slightly under the influence is not going to be as receptive as you’d hope. You need to make sure your loved one is as sober as can be. It may be a good idea to consider setting up this date after a tragic event that’s linked to your loved one’s substance abuse. Doing this could make him or her more receptive of your intervening.

Practice What You’ll Say In the Intervention

You all must recognize how important this is going to be. You can’t just wing it and hope for the best. Everyone will have to commit to getting this family intervention right. Now, no amount of planning could make everything predictable, but that doesn’t mean planning doesn’t help. Try to practice speeches together; try to work out who is going to be speaking first. Doing all this prep work should make things go smoothly and should help everyone feel more confident. 

Avoid Being Confrontational

A big reason you want to practice is that you all have to be as warm and peaceful as possible. Your feelings may not be so pleasant, but you simply cannot allow your emotions to lead this moment in your loved one’s journey to recovery. You don’t want to become confrontational because you risk alienating your loved one. Getting too emotional could cause a problem, and the intervening could come to a full stop prematurely, and no one wants that. Stay calm, be warm, and allow your loved one enough room to open up to this moment. 

Choose The Right Location

You are going to be talking about your loved one’s substance abuse. This means it’s important that you choose a private place to have this conversation in. The subject matter is deeply personal, and no one wants to talk about this kind of stuff in public. You are also going to do your best to choose a place that is relatively different or foreign to your loved one. It’s easy to think that the best place to have this is at your loved one’s home, but this place is too familiar. Your loved one could easily go to another room or find refuge where you can’t follow. If you choose a location your loved one doesn’t know, then he or she might have trouble leaving even if he or she is uncomfortable. 

Contact The Professionals

You need to make sure that you contact a specialist. You need someone who knows how to handle someone dealing with this type of abuse. Making this call could not only allow you to know where to go if your loved one decides to get help, but it’ll also help you set up a good mediation. These individuals have worked with many people just like you and can help you figure out how to set one of these up. You can get all your questions answered before the big date so that you feel more confident. 


Music City Interventions offers a confidential, professional, and caring approach to intervention services for families and their loved ones affected by addiction or alcoholism in Nashville or across the US. Our goal in alcohol and drug addiction treatment is to discreetly and effectively work with our clients through loving confrontation and intervention for the suffering party.