Sober Transportation

Sober Transportation is a vital step in the recovery process. Whether we are taking an individual to treatment, or ushering them home after they have completed a residential program, Music City Interventions is there to ensure the individual gets to where they are supposed to be on time and sober!

To Treatment

Once an individual is ready to enter treatment for substance abuse, it’s vital that we act quickly and make sure they get to treatment on time and sober. MCI will travel to and from anywhere in the continental US to make sure the person begins their treatment on the right foot. Whether we are flying with the individual across the country or driving them a few hours from their home, we are there to ensure they show up to treatment sober!

Music City Interventions is one of the few professional intervention specialists in the United States to travel to and from treatment centers across the country to ensure the safety and sobriety of our clients. When you engage MCI for Sober Transportation, you can be sure that we will take care of your loved one on their journey!

From Treatment

Once treatment is completed, and the newly sober person is released back to the real world, we enter a highly volatile time for the individual. Whether they are going to an aftercare program, a halfway house or sober living facility, we need to ensure the investment of treatment is protected. We will accompany your loved one from treatment to anywhere in the continental US to ensure they begin the next phase of their journey sober!

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