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Sober Coaching

Sober coaching is a valuable service that many of our clients find indispensable for their post-treatment transition. Allow our sober coaches and sober companions to help make the transition from treatment to the real world as smooth and as successful as possible.

Sober coaching services at Music City Interventions - Nashville intervention specialist.
Sober Coaching and Sober Companionship through Music City Interventions offers a variety of options for our clients and their loved ones. Whether it’s a daily engagement or 24-hour a day companionship, we are here to ensure that sobriety is protected at all costs!

It’s no secret that the most vulnerable time for the person in recovery is the time immediately after treatment. And this makes sense, as the individual is leaving the relative safety of a residential treatment center back to the real world. It’s not uncommon for this person to fall back into old habits and old friends. Our sober coaching and sober companionship is designed to help the newly sober individual stay the path.

We suffer in isolation – we heal in community

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