Intervention Specialist

Trauma-Informed Intervention

Do you need an intervention specialist? We empower the family to confront a loved one and to encourage them to seek treatment. Clients will be led through the entire process, including who should attend and what should/shouldn’t be said. Additionally, treatment center placement is handled by our team of addiction specialists, paying special attention to geographical, clinical and financial considerations of the family. We lead the intervention itself and transport the loved one to treatment.

This is a critical first step in regaining the life you want, and we are here to ensure this first step is handled with care and precision. Our team members have decades of experience in performing successful interventions. The stakes are high and we are professionally and emotionally equipped to bring the right level of compassion and planning to the intervention process. This could be your only chance to get it right, let us help make sure the intervention is a success!

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Music City Interventions practices the Johnson Model of Intervention. The Johnson Model is a Family Focused approach to intervention. As such, Music City Interventions requires hands on family involvement throughout the intervention process, as we know this is the cornerstone of success.
The Johnson Model is founded on the these 7 actions:

  1. team

    We will assemble the right team to be present and to participate in the intervention

  2. planning

    We will plan the time and the place of the intervention, as well as what will be said throughout the intervention through letter writing. This is a crucial step that our team will guide the family through.

  3. focused on care

    The intervention is NOT a time for condemnation or venting of frustration. Our only goal is to the care and well-being of the addict.

  4. addiction only

    As such, we will only focus on the addiction and the individual. No other character defects should be discussed during the intervention. It is important to remain laser focused.

  5. evidence

    One of the benefits of letter writing is it allows the family to take the time needed to write out all evidence of addiction in the addicts life and to tell that person in as much detail as possible.

  6. primary goal treatment

    The intervention has one goal: that the addict must agree to enter treatment for their addiction. No other alternatives are to be presented or considered.

  7. treatment options

    Music City Interventions will work with the family before the interventions to create a plan for treatment. Once the intervention is completed, the individual will be taken directly to a pre-determined treatment center.

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