Clinical Assessment

One of the values we add to our clients and their loved ones comes in the form of Clinical Assessments. Clinical Assessments are often performed for a variety of reasons: they may be court ordered or at the request of a lawyer, or you may just want a professional evaluation of your loved one’s condition. Regardless, our licensed therapist and licensed counselors will be there to conduct a professional clinical assessment and provide a written report within 24 hours.


Are you longing to get a more accurate assessment of your situation? Are you struggling to get your loved one to face the reality of their addiction? If so, a Clinical Assessment may be the best next step you can take to get back the life you love!

There are many legal reasons why you may need to have a Clinical Assessment performed. Whether court ordered or at the behest of an attorney, having an official clinical assessment can often help you engage in legal matters in a precise and official capacity. Music City Interventions performs each clinical assessment with care and discretion, every time.

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