Picking your Sober Companion in Recovery

The road to recovery is often a difficult and intimidating journey. It is always more difficult walking that road by yourself than with a reliable support network. This is because, without a support network, people find themselves in a similar situation as to where they got addicted.

If you have recently come from addiction treatment, the process of reintegrating into society can be highly stressful. This is why recovery groups such as AA and SMART Recovery exist, to provide a support network for recovering addicts.

According to statistics, about 60% of recovering addicts relapse into their old ways because they lack emotional support. This is an alarming statistic considering loneliness and insecurity, which are widespread feelings among recovering addicts, are among the leading causes of relapsing. This means that anyone is at risk of relapsing, and that is why it is advisable that you have a sober companion.

They will help you get through your recovery and can be extremely helpful in helping you reclaim your life.

Who is a sober companion?

This is someone who will walk with you on your recovery journey, and ease your transition back to regular life by providing you with the physical and emotional support you need to stay committed to your journey. They can be a trained professional or a person also on the recovery road themselves.

In most cases, sober partners are recovering addicts with a long history of sobriety. This is because they have a deep understanding of what you are going through. A recovery companion works closely with you to ensure that you maintain your sobriety.

They provide you with the necessary support to overcome the emotional and psychological challenges of recovery. It is crucial that you have a one because most recovering addicts often leave treatment and go back to their old ways. However, a recovery companion will help you avoid relapsing by providing you with stability and accountability.

Benefits of a sober companion.

Recovering from an addiction is more complicated than most people imagine. There are a lot of challenges and barriers that recovering addicts need to overcome. Having someone who supports and understands you during that time could prove invaluable to your recovery. Maintaining sobriety is never a solo mission, and for you to be genuinely reintegrated into society, you need the support, patience, and understanding of a sober partner.

Here are some benefits of having one:

For you to be committed to your recovery journey, you need some sort of accountability. When recovering addicts are released from treatment centers, they are usually on their own. Without any form of accountability, they usually end up as victims of their demons. Having a sponsor ensures that you have a person who expects you to remain committed to your journey and can assist you during the challenging times that may occur.

Recovery can be a lonely road, especially for those who lack meaningful social relationships since they are at risk of relapsing. Between daily life stresses and the challenges of reintegrating into society, it is easy to lose perspective and settle for a quick release. However, having a sponsor ensures that you have a meaningful connection with someone genuinely interested in your well-being.

The recovery community is usually a tight-knit community of people who are always seeking to help others navigate the steep path of recovery. Whether it is a job you are seeking or any meaningful activity that will help you manage your life better, these people are always willing to help. Having a sponsor is often the key to creating these networks that you can utilize to better your life.

One thing that people are unaware of is that their thinking does not always lead to the best places. This is quite true, especially for people in recovery who are generally impulsive – something that always does more harm than good. However, having a recovery companion allows you to get the perspective of someone else in matters where your emotions have clouded your judgment and could lead to choices detrimental to your recovery.

Other benefits include:

  • They ensure that you are making healthy life choices.

  • They offer emotional strength and support.

  • They are always available for you.

  • They offer a non-judgmental listening ear.

  • They inspire you to take positive steps.

  • They provide company and relieve loneliness.

  • They boost your self-esteem.

How to choose the right recovery companion for you.

It is essential that you get the right help for your recovery. It is even more critical that you form a connection with your recovery companion. However, this profession is unregulated without medical standards, and many recovery companions themselves are recovering addicts who have been sober for a long time. Therefore, it is vital that you hire your one from a credible source.

When choosing your sober partner:

  • Hire through your treatment center so that they help you vet them.

  • Consult with your insurance provider and see if they offer this service.

  • Consider the level of service you want.

  • Meet with multiple companions and see who your best fit is.

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