The team members at Nashville-based MCI are all in personal recovery themselves and can relate to both the addict/alcoholic as well as their family. We also have a number of professional qualifications for addiction treatment. Our physical office is located in Nashville, TN, but we have performed intervention and addiction treatment services throughout the continental United States.

Leadership Team


Darren Hobbs brings both passion and experience to Music City Interventions. His work in behavioral health began with his own personal journey to recovery in 2010. Inspired by his own family’s experience, Darren focused his efforts on helping other families in crisis. Darren has completed interventions all over the country, and has completed International Recovery Institute Recovery Coach I and Hightower Intervention Training. He also has a B.A. in Human Management from Trevecca Nazarene University. Darren focuses on bringing a professional efficiency coupled with a comfortable and approachable demeanor to all of his interventions. His combination of personal recovery and professional training enable him to connect with a diverse group of families. The families Darren has worked with typically comment on the lightheartedness he can bring to a heavy situation. Behind him, Darren leaves a long list of glowing recommendations. He’s the leading provider of intervention services in Middle Tennessee.


Wes Cain


Wes has an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, a Nationally Certified Counselor, an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and has professional training in Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction and Addiction. Since 2015, he has worked both as a clinical associate and as a counselor in residential treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and college counseling settings. In his work he has served adolescents, young emerging adults, and adult populations experiencing a range of mental health and substance abuse concerns. 

Areas of expertise include: assessing and treating addiction and codependency, athlete performance, identity development (transition), stress management, life adjustments, relationship management and communication, depression, and health/wellness strategies.

Wes believes the core of effective therapy is the relationship. He tailors his therapeutic process to you, in order for you to reach your goals in a manner consistent with what works best for you and your true self. He believes in working off of a foundation of authenticity, compassion, non-judgment, and genuineness. He currently provides Music City Intervention clients with telecounseling – a secure and flexible online therapeutic process. His private practice, The Becoming, provides counseling and wellness services to those in need. To learn more about his private practice visit:

Jeff Browning

Clincial Advisor and Director of Peer Recovery

For the past fifteen years Jeff Browning has been working in the addiction field in and around Nashville, Tennessee. He has experience with adolescents, those who frequently experience relapse, dual-diagnosed clients, and patients working through trauma and grief. Additionally, he spent six months providing group therapy for felons in a state prison.

Jeff is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Mindfulness facilitator trained by Mindful Schools, and has received training from ONSITE in experiential group therapy techniques. He considers his areas of expertise to be early recovery, alcohol abuse, emotional sobriety, Twelve Step integration, group therapy, treatment resistant clients, opiate use, and mindful therapies to reduce anxiety and cravings. In his role as Director of SmartIOP, Jeff will run our weekly outpatient support meetings, as well as manage day to day operations of the MCI/SmartIOP outpatient program.

Tracey Levine

Tracey arrived in Nashville in 2011 after raising her 4 children with her husband in central California for 16 years. She knew from as early 16 years old that she didn’t drink like her peers. Her drinking always led to blackouts and was the gateway to other drug usage and addiction. She sought treatment for an eating disorder in 1977, cocaine addiction in 1985 and alcohol in 1998 and has remained clean and sober since. Tracey earned her BA in psychology and loves pursuing continuing education hours in the field of addiction, intervention and recovery. She is passionate about empowering and assisting others on their journey to betterment and loves being a part of the MCI team as a Recovery Coach and Interventionist. Tracey serves as Co-leader of the Nashville Chapter of Dining for Women, loves spending time with her family and their two dogs, reading and a good knitting project.


At the lowest point in my life I sought help from MCI. Darren, Ryan and staff not only gave me the tools and knowledge to understand and address my addiction, they saved my life. I will be forever grateful for MCI and what it did for me & my family.

Rhett F

Darren was so helpful in a time when my family needed it most. He guided us from planning the intervention through sober coaching after my brother left rehab.  He was there every step of the way. I don’t know how we could have done this without him. 6 months sober for the first time in a long time!  Thank you Darren!

Luke C. Brother of Addict

After only one phone call with Ryan, everything that needed to be done to get my son into a treatment facility in Nashville was taken care of.  From the moment Darren picked my son up and drove him to Nashville, I knew that this was the best decision I could have made to finally get him the help he needed.  That was over 8 months ago, and I am absolutely convinced that MCI saved my son’s life.  I cannot thank them enough for what they’ve done for my son and for our entire family.

Laura G- Mother of addict

Ryan is so easy to work with, and  answers questions with such  confidence, you know you are doing the right thing in investing your money for the future of your loved one. Darren and Rodney were so helpful to us during the Intervention, and taking my texts and phone calls, and getting back to me in a timely manner. I am looking forward to having Coach Rodney take over for the next 90 days, and I will sleeping better. Thanks, MCI.


Darren Hobbs’ organization has exceeded my expectations! My son’s therapist recommended this group after I had been experiencing increasing out of control behavior with my 19 year old son. He decided not to go to college, would not get a job, was acting out destructively (breaking things in anger), and I felt so hopeless and powerless. We suspected that substance abuse was changing his personality (normally a very bright popular kid). Darren’s group helped my ex-husband and me to organize an intervention. We would have never been successful doing this on our own. Their group took the time to plan every single obstacle so that our efforts were successful. My son is very headstrong and resisted our efforts every step of the way. However, with Darren’s support, persistence, and guidance we finally persuaded our son to enter a 90 day treatment facility and he is drug-free today. I feel like I finally got my son back. In hindsight I see that before using Darren’s group, I was part of the problem and was actually harming my child when I had the best intentions to help him. Darren helped my son’s Dad and me to set appropriate boundaries in a loving way so that we took ourselves out as part of the problem. I would recommend Darren’s group to anyone struggling with a child or grown child whose life is spiraling out of control due to substance use. Using this group as a consultant was worth every penny and these guys know what they are doing!

Father of Addict

I have been working with Darren at MCI for over a year. He has coached me through a very dark time in my life. My road to recovery is now bright, and I have hope!

Sarah T, Single Mom in Recovery