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How to Do an Alcohol Detox at Home

Alcohol detox is known for being extremely difficult. Many people who struggle with alcoholism hear about the withdrawal symptoms and wonder if they can stop drinking safely. Although some people need to be in a medically supervised environment, many others can start their recovery at home.

Choosing to do an alcohol detox at home benefits beginning your recovery in the same environment you plan to live in throughout your treatment. You’ll also benefit from being surrounded by your sober family members and friends at a vulnerable moment in your life. Before you begin your detox, you’ll want to ensure you have a plan to help you be successful.

Know What to Expect When You Choose to Detox at Home

The majority of regular drinkers who stop using alcohol will experience some degree of withdrawal symptoms. That hangover you might have had recently is a mild form of withdrawal. Headaches, stomach upsets, and anxiety are common for people who experience the lighter symptoms of quitting alcohol.

However, there are also more severe symptoms that you need to know about. Increased blood pressure, seizures, and extreme changes in your mood are all potential issues that you need to prepare for during the first few days after you stop drinking. Planning to detox from alcohol makes it possible to worry less if you feel a little sweaty. Additionally, being prepared to handle significant symptoms helps you begin the process of detoxing with greater confidence that you’ll make it through the most challenging stage of your recovery.

Find People to Help You Figure Out How to Detox From Alcohol Safely

Long-term or heavy drinkers should not attempt to self-detox without professional support. Experiencing hallucinations or seizures can be dangerous if you are not in a safe environment. One of the first things you’ll want to do is arrange an assessment with a home detox professional. This assessment helps you understand if you’re at risk for severe withdrawal symptoms. If you are, you might plan to have a trained professional stay with you or regularly visit your house to monitor your health.

Remove All Alcohol Before Doing a Home Detox

As your body begins to feel the effects of weaning off of alcohol, your brain may try to trick you into just having one more drink. Giving in to this temptation only means that you’ll have to start the entire process over again. Kick off your new healthy lifestyle by doing a complete home clean-out. Throw out all of your favorite alcoholic beverages, and don’t forget to check any of your hiding places. Leaving even a single bottle of alcohol in your house can cause you to relapse.

Clear Time to Focus on Doing Your Self Detox

The average home detox time can vary, but you should expect to spend at least several days to a week making it through this critical stage. While you’ll be able to stay at home, you might need to rethink trying to do too much. If possible, take some time off of work or school so that the physical symptoms don’t create an issue with you being able to accomplish your goals. You might also want to arrange for child care for some portion of the time.

Once you’ve got the basics set up, think about what you can do at home to stay distracted. Maybe pick a few movies to watch or dust off your old guitar. Finding things to do can help you look forward to starting your detox.

Start Rehydrating and Eating a Healthy Diet

Whether you choose to begin your detox at home or in a private studio setting, you’ll find that one thing remains the same. Knowing how to detox from alcohol comfortably always means planning for ways to start improving your health.

Staying hydrated helps flush out the toxins from your system and replenish the alcohol-depleted water stores. Eating a healthy diet makes it easier to stave off nausea while giving your body the nutrients it needs to start healing. Many people also choose to take vitamins as they detox, and your home care team can help you figure out the right ones to take.

Begin Planning for Your Next Phase of Treatment

One of the most significant benefits of choosing to do an alcohol detox at home is that you have the benefit of beginning your treatment right where you live your everyday life. Take advantage of this opportunity to start working on creating a road map for your recovery.

Your treatment team can meet with your family members and observe how you react to shared experiences that occur in your life. This helps them to see where you might face temptation and need extra support. As you complete your detox, you’ll be able to seamlessly transition to new services that support your sobriety, such as hiring a sober coach or finding addiction counseling.

Music City Interventions uses a professional and compassionate approach that helps people affected by alcoholism in Nashville and throughout the US to detox safely at home. From the first intervention to sober coaching, our goal is to honor our client’s need for confidentiality and effective addiction treatment that assists them through each stage of their recovery.