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Drug Intervention

The Effects Of Drug Abuse on Family

A drug problem not only affects the user but it also affects their family members. The effects of drug abuse on families can be devastating. Many family members blame themselves for their loved one’s addiction. People who watch their loved one battle an addiction often suffer while they watch the person they love to ruin their life. Additionally, an addiction can cause a strain on family relationships.


What is a Drug Intervention?

A drug intervention allows people to accept help from their concerned family members and friends. It also allows them to take the first steps that are necessary for recovery. The first step in getting help for drug abuse is recognizing that there is a problem.

The purpose of a substance abuse intervention is for people to see how their addiction is affecting them as well as their family. Many people do not recognize the extent of the problem until they are confronted about it. Almost all addicts feel as though they have their problem under control. They may believe that it is possible for them to stop using the drug without any type of help.


The Importance of a Drug Intervention Specialist

People who are battling with an addiction can be stubborn. They may not want to admit they have a problem or take responsibility for their addiction. For this reason, it is a good idea to consult a drug intervention specialist.

An intervention specialist has been trained in addiction and recovery. Hiring an interventionist will be a lot more successful than trying to get your loved one to go to rehab on your own. Studies have shown that 90 percent of people who meet with a drug interventionist decide to go to rehab.

You may be tempted to stage an intervention without the help of a professional. However, this will likely be counterproductive. Most addicts are oblivious to the seriousness of their problem. They may react irrationally when they are confronted.

An interventionist will ensure that the intervention runs smoothly. They will ensure that all of the conversations stay on track. They will make sure that the intervention is not ruined by name-calling, yelling, or accusations. The main focus of the intervention is the health and well-being of the person who is dealing with the addiction.


When is the Right Time for a Drug Intervention?

Many people struggle to find the right time to do an intervention. Contrary to popular belief, it is not best to wait until a person hits rock bottom. In fact, a person can avoid hitting rock bottom if they get help for the problem early. Furthermore, it may be too late for the person if they hit rock bottom. They may likely be less willing to accept help once they have lost everything.

There are a few things that you will have to put in place before you do the intervention. It is best for you to plan ahead for this. You will need to make sure that you do the following.

  • Meet with your interventionist
  • Secure the right spot for treatment
  • Plan how you are going to handle objections
  • Pack your loved one’s bags
  • Ensure that a person has transportation to the rehab center


The first step in getting help for drug abuse is to admit that there is a problem. Once a person has admitted that there is a problem, they can accept help. Contact Music City Interventions if you are interested in staging a substance abuse intervention.