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Do You Need An Intervention Specialist?

If you are considering conducting an intervention for a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may want to consider hiring a trained intervention specialist. Attempting to handle such a delicate situation on your own can be the difference between success and failure. In order to have the best shot at convincing your loved one to seek the treatment they so desperately need, an intervention specialist can be a great help.


What Is an Intervention?

Understanding the intervention process can help those involved decide whether or not an intervention is needed. Interventions are typically planned by the addict’s friends and family, along with the assistance of an intervention specialist, to help show the addict that their behavior is destructive – hurting not only them but those closest to them. The idea is to get the addict to clearly see how damaging his or her behavior truly is, and to seek help right away.

Family and friends can participate in the intervention, but anyone with a vested relationship with the addict can be involved. Using an intervention specialist can provide family members and friends with the proper guidance in order to conduct a safe intervention. 

An intervention begins with determining what help the addict has already received. If he or she is currently working with a counselor, it may be a good idea to involve the counselor because they will have valuable insight as to the timing of the intervention. The intervention should take place in a safe environment. Children should only be involved if they are mature enough to process the subject matter. Those involved in the process should receive adequate instruction so they don’t allow anger to rise up during the intervention. The point is to help the addicted individual realize and understand how much they are loved and supported. The time for healing old wounds comes later.


When To Perform An Intervention?

If someone you love is recklessly abusing substances and doesn’t wish to seek treatment, it may be time for an intervention. Signs of addiction can be easily missed since they are often subtle. If an individual is exhibiting destructive behavior due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol (and is actively using), then he or she is addicted. Plain and simple.

Some signs of an addiction include job loss, bad grades in school, declining performance in activities that the individual previously excelled, and more. Behavioral changes can also be clues. If a person is known for a laid-back personality and suddenly becomes aggressive, or if someone who is outgoing becomes a recluse, it can be a strong indicator that the person is abusing substances.


Planning the Intervention

Planning the intervention is a crucial part of the process. Here is where a trained intervention specialist can be incredibly useful. Everyone involved in the intervention needs to be fully prepared. Writing down the ways that the addicted individual has changed their lives can help them realize the impact. It can also help keep the intervention organized and on track.

Another critical step is deciding what consequences your loved one must face if they choose not to take part in treatment. In order for the intervention to be impactful, the addicted individual can’t know about the intervention ahead of time. The element of surprise will ensure that they show up, and won’t give them notice to be angry or defensive at the onset.


Hiring an Intervention Specialist

A specialist can help family members and friends with all aspects of the intervention. From planning to execution. Addiction is a touchy subject, and it’s easy to get upset during the process. A specialist will all participants deal with some of the difficult emotions that are sure to arise. This will help you stay strong. Additionally, an intervention specialist will look deeper into the family dynamic and be able to offer expert advice for those involved. Not only will this be beneficial for the addict, it can also allow those participating to get more insight into their own actions – which can help the addict even further.

With the right specialist, the chances of a successful intervention increase. Specialists can intricately plan and implement the intervention, as well as offer an outside perspective to help create a more calming and positive atmosphere. Contact Music City Interventions for help with planning an intervention for your loved one.