While Music City Interventions is a business and professional organization, we recognize the delicate balance of being commissioned at the expense of others most desperate moments in their addiction. Our primary purpose is to serve others in Nashville and across the US with drug and alcohol intervention services the way we ourselves were served. As such, MCI utilizes the following code of ethics when assisting people with addiction recovery in Nashville and surrounding communities across the United States:

  1. Our top priority for drug and alcohol intervention services in Nashville is to treat our clients and their families with the utmost confidentiality, dignity, and respect.
  2. We understand that our program is not “one-size-fits-all”. We believe in always working closely and transparently with our clients and families throughout the addiction recovery process, and when appropriate, referring the client to other programs not offered at MCI (Clinical Therapy, Outpatient treatment, Inpatient Treatment, etc.)
  3. MCI does not engage in any false or misleading advertising or marketing. We are who we say we are, and we encourage families and professionals to visit our office, meet our team, and or speak with us on the phone before making any final decisions about our Nashville-based drug and alcohol intervention services.
  4. MCI does not offer or receive any financial payment or participate in any “kickbacks” for either being referred or referring patients.
  5. When a client is referred to a drug or alcohol treatment center from one of MCI’s Nashville-based addiction recovery programs, it is based purely on what our team feels is the best fit for the client and family.