Self Worth

Recognizing Self Worth

It's easier to stay dependent on substances when you believe that you deserve the consequences associated with it. You may not think much about yourself. Perhaps you did something that makes you believe that you deserve everything that is happening…

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Mental Health and Addiction

How Mental Health Affects Addiction

Forty-four million Americans (which covers approximately 18 percent of the adult population) have experienced mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, etc. at some point in their lives. Additionally, 21 million adults have a substance use disorder. While these two conditions…

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Developing Emotional Regulation Skills - Music City Interventions

Developing Emotional Regulation Skills

Contrary to popular belief, consuming drugs or alcohol is not the primary problem in the disease of addiction. Substance abuse is a symptom. Most addiction problems are fueled by underlying psychological causes (e.g. childhood trauma, low self-esteem, stress, etc.). Addiction can…

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