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Building a Sober Support System

No one can make it through life alone. A support system plays a valuable role in keeping you safe and healthy from the moment you’re born. As a child, you might have relied upon your parents for support, but you also likely had babysitters, grandparents, and other people in your life that cared for your wellbeing. Later, friends, spouses, and coworkers come into the picture, and a robust social network is critical for your happiness.

Now that you’re getting sober, you might need to be more selective about who you invite into your social circle. You might even have to let a few people go who don’t support your desire to stop using drugs and alcohol. Now, you can begin to build a team of people who provide you with sober support that makes your goal for recovery possible.


Provide Full Support With Addiction Recovery Systems

The importance of a support system becomes apparent as you move through the various stages of addiction recovery. At first, you may need to attend inpatient or outpatient treatment that fills your day with support from counselors and others dealing with addiction.

Once you complete your initial treatment, you may have anxiety about leaving this safe environment and returning home. Including a sober coach or companion in your plan expands the reach of addiction recovery systems so that you have someone to turn to if a craving strikes late at night or while you’re at a social event.


Use Support for Relapse Prevention

Outside of a treatment center, you face many different kinds of temptation. Figuring out how to build a sober support system should include thinking about who you can talk to when facing a significant stressor at home or work. For example, you might want to arrange for sober transportation to help you get to and from work without stopping at the bar for happy hour. You also might need a companion to stay with you during a holiday event where you know that the alcohol will be flowing. Your sober companion will blend in just like a regular friend, and you’ll feel more comfortable with a plan in place for relapse prevention before an issue arises.


Relieve Pressure On The Addict’s Close Family and Friends

Supporting a recovering addict can be stressful. At times, families need to step away and set boundaries to preserve their mental health and relationships. This can leave you wondering who you can reach out to for support as a recovering addict. If you’re a family member of an addict, you might be worried about leaving your loved one alone as they work through the first months of their sobriety. The importance of a support system also impacts families who need to know that their loved one has other people in their life who understand addiction on a professional level.


Discover How Sober Companions Help With Supporting a Recovering Addict 

Sober companions and coaches support addicts without passing judgment. Instead, they use research-based techniques to talk people in recovery through the decisions they need to make daily. From listening as you vent about your problems to giving encouragement that stops you from picking up a drink or taking drugs, sober companions are always ready to be a positive source of support when you need it the most.


Explore How to Build a Sober Support System

A sober support network should involve multiple people who serve vital roles. You can add a transportation service to ensure that you get to and from your treatment appointments on time. Coaches can regularly show up to your house to give you one-on-one guidance that fits situations in your life right now. Companions are available to take you to a work event or just hang out overnight to keep you from falling prey to temptation. Identifying where you need help the most allows you to create a custom plan that makes staying sober easier.

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