Tramadol Addiction - Music City Interventions

Tramadol Addiction & Withdrawal

Help Your Loved One with Tramadol Addiction Are you searching for information about Tramadol abuse? This article will help you learn about the risks, challenges, and dangers of abusing the prescription drug Tramadol. Opioid painkillers are effective when prescribed by…

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Mental Health and Addiction

How To Get Rid of Anxiety

The Link Between Anxiety and Addiction The limbic system is the part of the brain that controls the flight or fight response. The addiction center is also regulated by the limbic system. There is a direct link between anxiety and…

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From Intervention to Aftercare - Music City Interventions

From Intervention to Aftercare

Tune into the Positive Sobriety Podcast to listen to an enlightening conversation about the process of going from intervention to aftercare. Ryan Cain and Darren Hobbs of Music City Interventions and Nashville Recovery Center take a deep dive into what it takes…

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Drug Intervention - Music City Interventions

Drug Intervention

The Effects Of Drug Abuse on Family A drug problem not only affects the user but it also affects their family members. The effects of drug abuse on families can be devastating. Many family members blame themselves for their loved…

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