Benefits of Detoxing From Drugs and Alcohol at Home

Recovering from drug and alcohol abuse can be challenging. This is especially true during the early stages of recovery. Regardless of your drug of choice or level of use, there is a detox period with various levels of withdrawal.

A number of factors control the seriousness of drug and alcohol withdrawal. Before you choose to detox from home, you should consult with a trained recovery specialist. These trained professionals can provide suggestions for detoxing at home, or recommend supervised detox for your personal well-being.

If a home period of detox can be done safely, because there is minimal if any danger to your health, there are certain benefits. Let’s first look at a few of these benefits of an at home detox period from drugs and alcohol and then address situations when supervised detox is necessary.

Benefits of Detoxing at Home

While it can be a challenge to detox at home, it is not impossible. When your withdrawal symptoms do not pose a serious health risk, at home detox is an option. Be mindful that you should only attempt to detox at home after consulting with an addiction specialist who will be able to appropriately care for you while detoxing.

Comfortable Surroundings

Under certain circumstances, the withdrawal symptoms of your detox may not be a serious risk to your health. However, invariably most people feel very poorly for a time. Having the opportunity to experience mild sickness and other emotional challenges at home can be comforting.

Better Rest

Detox is both emotionally and physically challenging. It helps tremendously to get good rest. When you can sleep in your own bed, or relax in your own home, this can actually help speed up the detox period.

Personal Privacy

When the medical risks are minimal, it is also convenient and personal to detox from the comfort of your home. The early stages of withdrawal, when they are not life-threatening, can be overcome easier when you have your privacy.

Benefits of Clinical Detox

There are a few serious withdrawal complications where trying to detox at home is not suggested. Any of these circumstances alone can put your life at risk. Consider each of these situations with a professional addiction specialist before deciding to attempt to detox at home. If the personal risk is too high, you may require clinical detox.

  • You Are Alone – Even when there is minimal health risk to an at home detox, there is always going to be some. If you are alone and something goes wrong, you will be putting yourself at risk. Make sure you have someone available in case of an emergency.

  • Abundance of Triggers – The early stages of recovery are inherently wrought with relapse triggers. If your home environment poses a risk to your being able to stay clean and sober, then a supervised location to detox from drugs and alcohol is recommended

  • Excessive Drug and Alcohol Abuse – This is another question that should be considered in a consultation with a substance abuse specialist. It is commonplace that an addict or alcoholic will downplay their level of dependence.

  • Mental Health Issues – Battling the withdrawal symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse will be challenging enough. If there are additional emotional struggles, these can be dramatically magnified.

Problems with depression, anger or suicidal thoughts will be compounded. Anyone who has a history of mental illness, often effects caused by an addiction, should most likely avoid trying to detox from drugs or alcohol from home. There are simply too many risks.

Getting Help Today

Music City Interventions offers a confidential, professional, and caring approach to intervention services for families and their loved ones affected by addiction or alcoholism in Nashville or across the US.

Our goal in alcohol and drug addiction treatment is to discreetly and effectively work with our clients through loving confrontation and intervention for the suffering addict. An initial part of our service will be to provide knowledgeable advice for how to detox from drugs or alcohol safely.

If you feel you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, ask for help today. Help through services such as Music City Interventions is available. Pick up the phone today to speak to a trained addiction specialist, because tomorrow may be too late.