Nashville Sober Coaches - Addiction Treatment for Drugs & Alcohol


Professional Qualifications

The team members and sober coaches at Nashville-based MCI are all in personal recovery themselves and can relate to both the addict/alcoholic as well as their family. We also have a number of professional qualifications for addiction treatment. Our physical office is located in Nashville, TN, but we have performed intervention and addiction treatment services throughout the continental United States. MCI is incorporated, carries professional liability insurance, and we have professional references from licensed treatment centers.

Our Nashville-based sober coaching team is trained in multiple intervention modalities, and we also offer a range of addiction treatment services for drugs and alcohol beyond intervention. Some of these services include: our early-stage Prehab program, Monitoring and Maintenance, Case Management, Drug Monitoring, Sober Coaching, Family Consulting, Sober Transport, Sober Companion, and the MCI Executive Program.

About US

Darren and Ryan first met in 1992. They immediately bonded over their love of basketball, music, and quite possibly their knack for finding trouble. These two became inseparable, only to be driven apart by their mutual drug and alcohol abuse. After finding recovery independent of one another, they reconnected in sobriety years later. Both Ryan and Darren recognized their want to help others find freedom from addiction as sober coaches, and to promote family healing the way that their families were restored. Several goose bump moments brought about the idea for MCI addiction treatment services in Nashville, and the rest is history. Never a dull moment between these guys…they insist on having fun, living sober, and carrying the message….one day at a time.