Nashville Family Interventionists for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

For the Family



You know there is something wrong. You have attempted to talk to them, plead with them, and even maybe threatened them about drug and alcohol addiction in Nashville or where ever you may live. You have done the research, read inspirational books, or tried to intervene yourself.

We can help. When a loved one in Nashville is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is almost impossible to intervene in an unbiased or effective way. And, it is even harder for the suffering addict to trust family members enough to be honest as to the extent of their drug or alcohol addiction. Often, third-party family interventionists succeed because they are less threatening, have no agenda, and can allow the person to open up about their drug and alcohol addiction in a way they cannot with friends or family.


About Enabling

Enabling is defined as “Giving the means for someone to do something.” As it relates to drugs or alcohol, it is the action someone takes or doesn’t take that allows the person to continue their drug and alcohol addiction in Nashville or other communities across the US. Families, with the best intentions through love and caring, often inadvertently strengthen the drug or alcohol addiction of a loved one.

This process usually begins slowly over time and almost always with the best intentions. However, as their disease progresses, so too do these behaviors further enable addiction to drugs and alcohol in Nashville or another community. The downward spiral progresses for both the individual and family. Consequences mount- financial, legal, mental, emotional. Eventually, family members feel helpless, much like the drug addict or alcoholic. When enabled, the addict or alcoholic will rarely seek help because right now his drug and alcohol addiction in Nashville is emotionally more comfortable than seeking treatment.

MCI works with families to empower them over the disease of alcoholism or addiction with Nashville-based family intervention services. Through our Education, Awareness, and Prevention (EAP) program, families learn how the addict or alcoholic uses emotional manipulation to behave in a certain way so that families make drug and alcohol addiction more comfortable. We help our clients and their families understand that if behaviors are to change, so must the environment. MCI can help prepare your family for the journey, and the first step is calling us about Nashville-based family intervention services.