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Intervention Services

Often the most challenging part of intervention services with adolescent clients is the willingness for them to seek help with teen drug use in Nashville or other communities. Interventions are far less effective without the suffering individual being honest about their problem, being open-minded about the solutions presented to them, and being willing to try something different.


Treatment for teen drug and alcohol use in Nashville should never be used as punishment or as a reaction to an isolated incident. Understanding the difference between a teen “phase” and a true addiction problem can be the difference between life and death…And usually the least equipped people to understand the truth of teen drug use in Nashville is the family itself. Intervening on a teenager for drugs or alcohol use is a very difficult situation for parents to navigate alone.

To make matters more difficult, an intervention on an at risk teen is often challenging because they are usually at an early stage of their addiction. Their substance abuse is probably still quite fun for them without the traumatic negative consequences normally associated with full-blown addiction (job loss, arrest, divorce, or health issues). Although some consequences are possibly present, they probably are not enough for the teen to consider changing their drug or alcohol use habits. In other words, the pros of using still outweigh the cons of using. MCI helps families build healthy boundaries while still supporting their suffering loved one by utilizing our Nashville-based drug and alcohol use intervention services for teens and their families.