Nashville Addiction Treatment - Alcohol & Drug Abuse

For The Addict or Alcoholic



We know from experience that “Only YOU can answer this question.”

The first step to solving a problem with alcohol or drug abuse is recognizing that one exists. And this may not be an easy thing to do. We lived to use and used to live. Very simply, an addict or alcoholic is a person whose life is controlled by drugs or alcohol.


From the words of Narcotics Anonymous: Perhaps you admit you have a problem with drugs/drinking, but you don’t consider yourself an addict. All of us have preconceived ideas about what an addict or alcoholic is. There is nothing shameful about being an addict once you begin to take positive action and treatment.

If you can identify with our alcohol and drug abuse problems, you may be able to identify with our Nashville-based addiction treatment solution. If you have doubts about whether or not you’re an addict or alcoholic, take a few moments to read the questions on our “Do I have a Problem” page and answer them as honestly as you can. If you use drugs, you can substitute your drug of choice for the word “alcohol” to see if you may have a drug addiction. The form might be able to help you find out if you need Nashville-based addiction treatment.