Nashville Am I An Alcoholic - Drug Abuse & Alcohol Dependency

Do I Have a Problem

MAST (Michigan Alcohol Screening Test)

“Am I an Alcoholic?”

Developing a dependency for drugs or alcohol can happen quickly and without realization. One day, you’re enjoying life and a cold beer after a long day. The next moment, you’ve forgotten what happened last night and are missing rent payments. Life spirals downward and you feel completely lost, so you turn to drugs or alcohol for comfort during hard times.

problemThis is just one example of the many ways drug and alcohol dependency forms in our Nashville clients. Whatever your personal situation, Music City Interventions is here to help you recover and live sober. Every member of our Nashville intervention team has crawled from rock bottom to a healthy, productive life. They are experienced in numerous intervention tactics and services like sober coaching, guiding you through every day of recovering from Nashville drug abuse and alcohol dependency.

So how do you find out if you’re an alcoholic or drug user in Nashville who needs help? Below we’ve included the Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST). This highly reliable and accurate survey can help you determine whether your drug or alcohol abuse in Nashville has gotten out of your control. Generally, people who answer “yes” to 5 or more questions may be an alcoholic or drug user.

The first step to recovering from drug abuse or alcohol dependency in Nashville is admitting you have a problem. There’s no shame in needing help and guidance on your journey to a healthier, happier life. Get in touch with our team of sober coaches to get your life back together as quickly as possible.

Use this test to determine if you are suffering from drug abuse or alcohol dependency.


(If you are a drug user, substitute the word drinker with user.)

  • Do you feel you are a normal drinker?
  • Have you ever awakened the morning after some drinking the night before and found that you could not remember part of the evening before?
  • Does your wife, husband or parents ever worry or complain about your drinking?
  • Can you stop drinking without a struggle after one or two drinks?
  • Do you ever feel bad about your drinking?
  • Do friends or relatives think you are a normal drinker?
  • Do you ever try to limit your drinking to certain times of the day or to certain places?
  • Are you always able to stop drinking when you want to?
  • Have you ever attended a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous AA?
  • Have you gotten into fights when drinking?
  • Has drinking ever created problems with you and your wife, husband?
  • Has your wife, husband or other family member ever gone to anyone for help about your drinking?
  • Have you ever lost friends or girlfriends/boyfriends because of your drinking?
  • Have you ever gotten into trouble at work because of drinking?
  • Have you ever lost a job because of drinking?
  • Have you ever neglected your obligations, your family, or your work for 2 or more days in a row because you were drinking?
  • Do you ever drink before noon?
  • Have you ever been told you have liver trouble? Cirrhosis?
  • Have you ever had delirium tremens DTs, severe shaking, after heavy drinking?
  • Have you ever gone to anyone for help about your drinking?
  • Have you ever been in a hospital because of your drinking?
  • Have you ever been a patient in a psychiatric hospital or on a psychiatric ward of a general hospital where drinking was part of the problem.
  •  Have you ever been seen at a psychiatric or mental health clinic, or gone to a doctor, social worker, or clergyman for help with an emotional problem in which drinking has played a part?
  • Have you ever been arrested, even for a few hours, because of drunk behavior?
  • Have you ever been arrested for drunk driving or driving after drinking?

In a nutshell, 5 or more “right” answers indicates probable alcoholism or an addict.