Nashville Substance Abuse Treatment - Drug & Alcohol Addiction


We understand that no two situations are the same. Because the face of addiction takes many forms, Nashville-based MCI offers a multitude of substance abuse treatments customized for your loved one. We will walk you through each step of the way helping both you and the suffering individual understand all of the options available for a successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Our assessment of a client’s drug and alcohol addiction begins with the first phone call to MCI in Nashville. We will understand the type of addiction/substance abuse and if there are any underlying mental disorders. In addition, we always consider financial, gender, age, or geographic limitations for our Nashville-based substance abuse treatment services.


Our Nashville Substance Abuse Treatment Services Include:

  • Clinical Assessments– A concierge service, Face-to-Face Substance Use Assessments from your home. Takes less than an hour and written report provided within 24hrs. of test.
  • Sober Coaching– An alternative to treatment that monitors the individual while they integrate sobriety into their daily lives. Includes drug/alcohol testing.
  • Sober Companion– 24-hour supervision of client monitoring sobriety and behavior
    Sober Transport- Safe and sober transportation for individuals to or from treatment.
  • Co-Dependency/Family Coaching– empowering our clients to build and maintain healthy boundaries as their lives are impacted by the substance use issues of others
  • Peer Recovery Groups– 12 two-hour sessions a month with a licensed drug and alcohol counselor addressing behavioral, substance use, and trauma issues with 6-10 others facing similar issues. Adult and Adolescent (15-19 years old) groups are facilitated separately.
  • Intervention– We empower a family to confront a loved one to encourage them to seek treatment. Clients will be led through the entire process, including who should attend, what should/shouldn’t be said, and treatment center placement (geographical, clinical, and financial considerations). We lead the intervention itself and transport the loved one to treatment center.


How To Get Help